As I started planning for the next web developers meetup (which should be on October 6), I did a little examination of the group and where we have gone over the last few years.


We have brought back monthly meetups and had a variety of topics.  There are not as many different people presenting as I would hope, but we've had a few folks step up.


The Ning site had excellent momentum, but over the last few months has been deserted. 


The leadership of the group has fallen completely on OIT's shoulders, which is fine, but it is not how a true community should function.  There should be shared leadership, but we just haven't seen that.  I enjoy organizing the group, but the interest level as a whole has decreased and I want to make sure that the hard work people put in to organize and present are worth while to people.


So my questions to you, the community, are simple. 


Where do we go from here? 


Do we continue the meetups?


Do we continue the social network style community, like Ning?


Is there anyone out there interested in becoming more involved with the organization and planning efforts of the group?

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This group is an extremely useful resource. I'm not sure where it should go, but I feel it should always exist to encourage information sharing and improve the quality of web development (along with the supporting infrastructure) here at NC State.


I enjoy the meetups, but I think there might be room for something a little different. Perhaps once or twice a year some kind of "here's what we have planned for the next 6 months to a year". I know I'd be interested in a Shibboleth status and deployment plan/user implementation guidelines presentation (because we're transitioning away from WRAP, right?).


I think a social network aspect (Ning or otherwise) is really useful for people with questions (especially because it doesn't flood a mailing list) or who want to share some code for review or testing.


Sorry, no.


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