North Carolina State University will begin a year-long celebration of its 125th Anniversary on March 7, 2012. Online, we’ll kick off with a transformation of the university’s website, followed by an updated version of the branding bar that incorporates part of the 125th Anniversary logo.

If your site is currently using the centrally provided branding bar, the anniversary bar will automatically be updated on March 7, 2012. If your site is not currently using the approved strip, your Web administrator will need to visit and generate the custom code to bring your site to compliance.

The branding bar may not be required for certain entities operating under unique circumstances. Exceptions will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Web Communications will provide support for the branding bar but will rely on college-, unit- and entity-level internal Web or IT staffs to implement the strip. For implementation, exceptions, or other questions, email Web Communications at web_

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What does the new one look like?

We can't publicly display the logo before March 7th. We encourage you to work with your College/Division Communicators who have probably requested the 125 Brand Book that shows the new 125th Anniversary Branding Bar. Or contact us at for a private link.

Is the new one mobile ready? I've got a few wordpress sites running WP Touch Pro and the current one doesn't fit the mobile theme

At this moment, we don't have a mobile friendly version of the branding bar. For now, I suggest you place the brick on your home screen and have it link to The brick can be replaced by the new NC State logo that will be unveiled on March 7.

Take a look at this screen cap of our On Campus app:

We've added NC State to our title/header area that traditionally works as a home button and have the brick on the home screen.

I sent out a reminder that the brand bar is being updated tomorrow. Email us at if the brand bar isn't displaying properly.

Is there no longer a consensus on what we use for "red" in the logo? I now see many different values:

old bar logo = #cc0000, as we've been using

125th brand guide uses #e31836, a lighter, slightly fuscia red

new brick provided for WRAP uses #db0b01, also lighter, and just vaguely orange

homepage is using at least two reds: #cc0000 and #ae0001

I didn't see any text describing the prescribed red in the new brand book.

NC State red is #CC0000.


Is it possible to get the various 125 graphics like posted for use to ?

Good idea, we'll post them on

we've posted the different color options per your suggestion:


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