Hi all,

We are looking to redesign our online training modules to bring them up to date and make them more visually interesting and easy to use.

Our current design is familiar to anyone who has gone through the online DHPR training. Yes, I know it is outdated.

If anyone has some examples of training that they like, please post the URLs. If a password is required, screen shots would suffice.


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I haven't done a lot of online training, but I've enjoyed the options on lynda.com whenever i've needed to use it.

What I like from online training is when i can jump into any particular point of the course, without having to go through from the start every time -- ie: skip to chapter 23 instead of having to page through chapters 1-22 first.
Thank you, I will check it out!

We have a profile question on membership sign-up at the Raleigh Durham Web Design Meetup, that asks for member's favorite reference and tutorial sites. 

Last year I sorted and ranked the top links from several hundred member profiles and came up with this list: 

Perhaps some of these are way off-base from your question, but a few, especially the Wordpress-based sites (smashingmagazine, alistapart, and net.tutsplus) are quite visually interesting. The original posting is here., and contains the runner-ups and honorable mentions too. 

These seem to be more reference than online training. It's a nice list though. I'm happy to see that w3schools is at the top. There may be better specific references out there, but w3schools is a solid general reference.

Right in the middle of that list is the way-awesome net.tutsplus.com.  I vote for that as a great example of high quality user contributed (but curated) content.  If you haven't explored their site, notice they have vector software, PhotoShop, basic web design, and other areas of specialization.


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