Hi all,

One of my user groups is transitioning away from their old majordomo listservs. There are tons of communication tools to choose from. They have a nice website in WordPress, so they could set up a feed for their posts. Or, they could get fancy with an HTML mailing tool. Or they could use Google Groups. Or...?

They currently have a subscriber base of over 2000 students to whom they send out various types of communications such as advertising for events, job postings, reminders, etc.

Anyone have other options or preferences?



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If you're communicating with only students (or users with @ncsu.edu addresses), then Google Groups would be a good match. There are daily sending limits imposed on non-ncsu.edu addresses in google groups...but if it's all students then that won't be an issue.

It depends on what types of messages you're going to send out, and how important tracking/statistics are. If you're just wanting to send emails out and not care about readership, opened envelopes etc...then a Google Group would be fine i think. If you're wanting a little more management of the list and messages....then you might want to look into partnering with Bronto or someone like that.

At the very least, I would  make sure that anything that's sent to the mailing list, is also posted on the website, and is available via RSS. If you use Wordpress, then publicize the RSS feed, as well as link back to the webpage that has all the information sent via email. That way you're allowing users to get the information in various ways.....making it more likely that your message will get out.

Good consideration. Picking something that lets them do one post and send it off different ways sounds good. Maybe it's all instead of just one. Reminds me of that episode of The Office... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytc9-wGCHW0.

I'm reasonably confident that WUPH will one day be realized, signaling the end of days. ;)

Hi again,

Agreeing with your advice, I was set to go with Google Groups along with a WordPress feed but found out from the Help Desk that non-NCSU addresses are actually not allowed on NCSU Google Groups.

From what I know of Bronto and other similar external mailing tools such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc, they are not really community-based but more one-way messaging, unless I am missing a different aspect of what they do.

Any other ideas? I checked into using non-NCSU Google Groups, and there is a University policy about mandatory availability of information in third party systems in case of legal requests, so that deters me from going that route.

This user group already has a web interface built on top of majordomo listservs. I might actually have to go in and update that rather than move to something new. (Your colleague Jen R. knows all about this.)

Thanks for any further help,


My apologies for not returning to update this thread. At the moment, we cannot allow non-ncsu.edu addresses as members of google groups. We are working on making that possible, but I don't have a timeline on that just yet.

In simple terms, we're working on putting in to place the same checks and balances that MJ2 (lists.ncsu.edu) has to prevent spamming and phishing attacks that come from within one of our groups/lists. If we opened up Google Groups to external addresses without these checks and balances, it would put our system at risk of exploitation, as we have no proactive way of monitoring or preventing bad things from happening, should a spam/phisher become a member of a group (accidentally or on purpose).

So for now, people who need list services for non-ncsu people need to use MJ2 or a service other than Google Groups.

I can provide more information if needed.


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